White Box - Immersive Furnishing Experience

Nov. 5 - Dec.10, 2015      Instructor: Scott Minneman, Maria Mortati

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 13.37.24.png

Design Challenge:  
This is an Intel-sponsored project in interaction topic studio named Retail Therapy. The design challenge was to innovate a near-future retail experience based on the Real Sense camera and VR/AR technologies from Intel.


Though most physical retail stores are being replaced by online stores, we believe the physical interactions in retail stores are can’t be achieved by online stores. My group decided to envision a mixed-reality furnishing retail store in 2022. White Box utilizes Augmented Reality in 3D space to provide visual and physical elements to enhance the Virtual Reality experiences using Module Control Robots and 3D projection.

Group:  Shihan Zhang; Peixin Fu; Hee Min Jee
Responsible: Project Leader, Project Deliver, 3D Modeling and Rendering, Shooting, Model Making



3D Projection mock-up Model


Design Process