The Future of Breathing

Jan. 24 - May. 13, 2016        Instructor: Sara Dean , Paul Montgomery   Class: Wild Hybrids (ID+IXD intersection studio)

This project starting with research explorer and their daily rituals, and re-contextualize their daily ritual technologies. 

Statement: I am designing tools to (rethink urban life) in a (modern city) using technology from a (submarine dweller)

Research Explorer: understand context

Ritual Observation: Air Mediation System  

It is a scenario when people want to isolate their breathing systems from the ambient environment but in the sometime that they need air to breath. 

Re-contextualization: from marine to land

Statement: I am designing tools to (rethink urban life) in a (modern city) using technology from a (submarine dweller)

The scenario came to my mind was the urban air pollutions. People want to avoid direct contact with the ambient environment but need to mediate clear air into their lungs for breathing, just like what we do under the water. 

Speculative Future of Breathing: an alternative perspective towards urban pollution

By speculating three future everyday objects which reveal the fact of breathing in air pollution environment, we can see breathing differently and rethink our relationship with the environment. 

Promts and Prototypes


The air pollution problem in China has been well known for decades, but no effective actions have been taken to solve this problem. By 2020, the air quality is no longer safe for human to live any more. 

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Some international businesses created products for helping people to survive in this area. Here ares some widely used products designed by H&M, Nike and Issey Miyake; 


websit .002.jpeg

websit .007.jpeg
websit .009.jpeg

websit .012.jpeg


The weirdness of these 3 speculative everyday objects is to unfold a strange but possible future, so we need to be aware of the increasing air pollution problem and let them take actions to nudge changes. 

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