The Future of Breathing

Jan. 24 - May. 13, 2016    


The Future of Breathing: an alternative perspective towards urban pollution. 

In this project, I want to explore how humans interact with the environment. Re-contextualizing the normalcy of scuba diving equipment into everyday human use, these three objects emerged to reveal a unique future lifestyle for Chinese residents living in heavily polluted urban areas. All three objects are branded as the 3rd Lung Mask by H&M, Personal Lung Trainer by Nike, Oxygen Cigarette by Issey Miyake.

The weirdness of these three speculative everyday objects is to convey a strange but possible future, so we need to be aware of the increasing air pollution problem and let them take actions to be catalysts of change. This project has been exhibited in the Primer conference and the breathable mask delivered a special experience for the attendees which reveal the social impact of speculative artifacts.  


The air pollution problem in China has been well known for decades, but no effective actions have been taken to solve this problem. By 2020, the air quality is no longer safe for human to live any more. 

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Some international businesses created products for helping people to survive in this area. Here ares some widely used products designed by H&M, Nike and Issey Miyake; 


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A moment intersect/interact with Future

Audiences interacted with this possible future by experiencing breathe with the Third Lung Mask during the PRIMER17 Conference. 

PRIMER exhibition.gif

Design for Impact  @ PRIMER Conference


The advertising posters of the three future breathing products are spread around city conners. Passages accidentally encountered with a possible future during the brief moment waiting for the bus. 


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