Symbiosis Carbon Future - Tactile Narratives  

September, 2016 - May, 2017 

In order to deliver tactile experience to the audience, I made two fully functional algae garments: Skin Farming Jacket and Carbon Garden Dress. They are incubators for living algae, that will exist in the Personal Carbon Economy future world. Urban citizens will wear the two algae garments and use body temperature to grow algae to gain carbon credits, for a part-time job or a luxury personal statement. Thus citizens are prompted to embrace new symbiotic lifestyles with algae. They cultivate algae by body heat and adapt new daily rituals based on algae's habits.

The surreal present of the garments can provoke physical preparations for transferring awareness to actions in Anthropogenic challenges. 



The Skin Farming algae jacket using body heat to cultivate algae and offset CO2, envisioned as a future side-job for extra income. 

In 2042, the Al-cology, one of the global leading algae production corporation, launched the pilot project called Skin Farming, attempting to overcome the challenge of increasing needs of algae cultivation for super-food and bio-fuel by taking advantages of the carbon exchange system. 

Skin Farming recruits urban algae farmers to cultivate algae by wearing algae jackets. Human body heat is the desired temperature for algae to thrive. Farmers also follow an instruction to facilitate the growth by shaking the body and exposing to sunlight. In addition to the paycheck from Al-cology, urban algae farmer can gain extra carbon credits by offsetting CO2 while cultivating algae, which they can sell for dollars on The World Carbon Bank platform.

instruction 2.jpg



Carbon sustainability has become a value system rather than a purely political behavior within the Carbon Union. Citizens are prompted to embrace a new symbiotic lifestyle with algae to reduce their carbon emissions.

Carbon Garden Dress from Valentino 2043 Spring Collection serves as a personal statement of Symbiosis lifestyle and carbon consciousness for high society, whose design is inspired by the Skin Farming algae jacket. 

Carbon Garden Dresses incubate genetically altered Spirulina that is cultivated by the wearer’s body temperature. These dresses can absorb CO2 efficiently and release fresh O2 for wearers to breathe. In addition, wearers can harvest the organisms as main daily nutritions instead of spending carbon credits to purchase other foods.


Spirulina Superfood