Mar. 13 - Apr. 26, 2015  

Project Overview:
Raw Factory envisions an alternative vision of human-nature interactions by proposing an innovative manufacturing system called BNC which sands for Biological Nutrition Control. Raw Factory involves its customers as form curators and embraces its “nature workers” to emerge organic and artistic forms inside of an industrialized system. 

Design Challenge

This is one of my studio course projects called Language Design. We were randomly assigned two words, one noun and one adjective, then design the object(noun) with the language of the adjective. The two words I got are Raw and Ashtray, which means my challenge is to design an ashtray with the language of raw. At last, I innovated a new raw BNC(Biological Nutrition Control) manufacturing process.

BNC utilizes nutritive water to control worms to decay tunnels in the wood and then use the worms as nutritions to control woodpeckers to create butt containers. The astray works as an ironic reminder of environmental problems for its owner when they see it and use it.