FOCAL SYSTEMS  - a solution for brick and mortar retail 

May - August, 2016  Intern project @ Radicand Design Collaboratory 

Responsible: Industrial Design, Design Research, User Experience Design, User Interface Design

Project Abstract: 

Brick and mortar retailers are facing more headwinds than ever before: rising labor costs, greater competitive pressures, and the need to meet the demands of tech-savvy shoppers in a cost-effective way. Focal Systems is an Artificial Intelligence company that focuses solely on brick and mortar retail challenges by deploying patented AI technology via an easy-to-use tablet mounted on shopping cart handle-bars.

We helped Focal Systems launch the delightful and economical grocery experience, which results in an average increase of 10% in basket size and a 30% reduction in out-of-stocks for retailers.  



The goal was to design the Focal Tablet to deliver a delightful grocery experience for customers and a cost-effective solution for brick-and-mortar retailers.

Define Service & Features

We started with envisioning the service system and defining product features with Focal Systems based on their technologies. 




Focal Systems' service is deployed via the tablets, which is sponsored by Lenovo. The first design challenge was to design a robotic and durable tablet solution that mounts easily on the shopping cart. 

Product Details


Ergonomic Design


Sketches and Form Development 




I cooperated with engineers to build prototypes and iterated the designs, then brought a refined prototype to a grocery partner for testing and user interviews. We collected feedbacks on the product and insights for UX/ UI design from the interviews crossing diverse demographics. 




Workflow and Wireframes

Based on the testing and interviews, we defined the user flow and wireframes which crossing two platforms: Focal Tablet and App. 


User Interface Design